Pulsed Tuneable Fiber Laser 10W/20W Pulse Width

Pulsed Tuneable Fiber Laser 10W/20W Pulse Width.

This tunable pulse width fiber laser adopts the main oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) structure, multi-power optional, compact structure, convenient operation, overall maintenance-free, and can be directly integrated into your equipment.

MOPA is Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. The MOPA refers to a configuration consisting of a master laser (or seed laser) and an optical amplifier to boost the output power. A special case is the master oscillator fiber amplifier (MOFA), where the power amplifier is a fiber device. In other cases, a MOPA may consist of a solid-state bulk laser and a bulk amplifier, or of a tunable external-cavity diode laser and semiconductor optical amplifier.

The average output of pulse fiber laser can up to 20W. It has the characteristics as follows: shortly opening time ,high peak power, adjustable pulse width(40ns-250ns) widely repetition range which should meet the customers demand and improve the value of products.

The special design to ensure the pulse fiber laser no leak if the laser off, even in special materials, there are also no shadow and virtual point appeared.

The high integrated design, control circuitry all integrated laser module, compact structure, small size, no external control box.

welding cleaning,
precision trimming .

The laser wavelength emitted by the MFPT-M+ pulse-width tunable fiber laser is around 1064 nm, the peak power of the output periodic pulse sequence can be greater than 10 kW, and the maximum peak power is stable under different pulse widths. The laser output head is equipped with an optical isolator, which can be used in industrial fields such as precision cutting, precision welding, and laser cleaning, including highly reflective materials.

  1. Adjustable pulse width and frequency: The pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable, making more laser applications possible;
  2. Easy to integrate: easy to operate, can be directly integrated into user equipment;
  3. Convenient operation: the switching power supply is integrated, and it can be used when it is powered on;
  4. Maintenance-free: all-fiber, no optical components, integrated optical path, long-term stability;
  5. Wide range of applications: Widely used in mobile phone 3C welding, power battery tab cutting, solar silicon wafer scribing, fine etching, laser deep engraving and other fields.

Operating mode Pulse & Continuous
Maximum Average Power (W) 100 200 300 500
Maximum single pulse energy (mJ) 1.8 1.8 1.8 30
Pulse adjustable range (ns) 10~500 10~500 10~500 200~350
Supply voltage (VDC) 220V 50-60HZ
Rated power consumption (W) 550 900 1300 3000
Fiber optic cable length (m) 5 5 5 15
Weight 25KG


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