1064nm Picosecond PS Pulsed Fiber Laser
1064nm Picosecond PS Pulsed Fiber Laser

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1064nm Picosecond (ps laser) Pulsed Fiber Laser is an all-fiber polarization maintaining mode-locked fiber laser, based on semiconductor saturation absorption mirror. 1064nm ps pulsed laser provides an effective management interface for user to control the key operating parameters. It presents RS-232 interface flexibly, ensuring the connectivity with customer’s control system. It is controlled by automatic power control mode (APC mode) with narrow pulsewidth, narrow spectral linewidth and stable output power. The center wavelength can be fast tuned by the temperatures.

Narrow pulsewidth
Narrow spectral linewidth
Up to 20mW output power
Fast center wavelength tuning
Reliable self-start
30MHz frequency
Extinction ratio>20dB
Automatic power control (APC)

Optical characteristics:

Mode of operation: Mode locked
Center wavelenght: 1064nm
Turning range: Min 0.4  Typ 0.5  Max 0.7nm
Spectral Linewidth: Min 0.15  Typ 0.2  Max 0.3nm
SMRS:Min 30  Typ 40dB
Pulse width(FMHM):Min 10  Typ 12  Max 15ps
Pulse repetition frequency:Min 20  Typ 30   Max 40MHz
Output average power:Min 10  Typ 20mW
Pulse energy:Min 0.25  Typ 0.65  Max 1.0nJ
Peak Power:  Typ 55  Max 100MHz
Control mode:APC
Extinxtion ratio:Min 17  Typ 20dB
Power stability:Typ 3.0  Max 5h
Output fiber and connector:SM98-PS-U25D-H,FC/APC
Output fiber lenght:80cm

Mechanical & Environmental characteristics:

Dimensions(W*D*H): 200x125x25
Weight: 0.7kg
Cooling: Air
Operating temperature range:0-50°C
Storage temperature range: -20 to 65°C
Humidity:10 to 90%

Electrical characteristics:

Electrical requirement:Min 4.75  Typ 5  Max 5.25V
Maximum Power consumtion:Typ 5.5 Max 30W

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