1064nm Laser Diode High Power
1064nm Laser Diode High Power

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It's a laser diode at near 1064nm. It has beam quality, diameter and low divergence with several watts. 1064nm high-powered laser diodes are used in many applications. The 1064nm yag laser or fiber laser are tooexpensive. And 1064nm laser diodes have very low cost.

Output power: 3W(CW)
Ausn hard solder assembly technology ,higher reliability
Standard C-Mount,CT-Mount,TO-3and
customer-designed package
Optimized OE conversion efficiency

Solid-state laser pumping
Fiber Laser Pumping
Infrared night vision light sources


CW output power (mW):3000
Peak wavelength (nm):106420
Spectral width (nm):4.0
Threshold current (A):≤0.45
Operating current (A):≤4
Operating voltage (V):≤2
Slope efficiency (W/A):≥0.8
Beam divergenceθ⊥θ(deg.):≤358
Wavelength temperature
coefficient (nm/℃):0.37
Emitting area (μm):1001
Polarization mode(TE/TM):95
Package:TO-3, C-Mount, CT-Mount
Rise time:

The 1064nm laser diodes can be integrated into bigger module.

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