1000mw laser

1000mw laser

There are many types of 1000mw laser: 1000mw green, 1000mw blue violet, 1000mw 808nm infrared, 1000mw 980nm. Most of the 1000mw laser are expensive, as it's high technology .

The 1000mw laser 808nm is low price, you can get 808nm 1000 mw high power laser diode 1 watt from eBay with 20$. It is high power 808nm laser capable of in excess of 1 watt of power. It was made in the USA and is brand new not used. 

1000mw laser 532nm OEM Analog Green Laser module costs about $1000, Class IV Laser/High Power Green Laser.

1000mw laser 445nm Analog and TTL with power supply is about $500. It's blue violet laser, not real blue laser.

1000mw laser 808nm High Power infrared light beam special made for night vision camera or goggle for targeting.  This OEM model is for professional use only. Uses include Laboratory, Clubs, Science Societies, and Observatories; Special Effects in the TV and Movie Industry; as a component in measurement and cutting tools, And other Lab equipment, etc. 

BeamQ makes good quality 1000mw laser,including 808nm, 532nm and 980nm. Armlaser 1000mw laser also has 1000mw laser diodes, laser modules. Wicked Lasers makes good and cheap 1000mw laser 445nm .

1W blue laser 

1w blue laser (1 watt blue laser) is the portable laser or laser module with blue laser 1w. Most of the 1w blue laser for sale are 1w 445nm laser. 1w blue lasers are 473nm 1w blue laser, or 445nm 1w blue laser. The 445nm blue is very similar to 473nm blue. The 445nm 1000mw super strong focusable blue laser pointer flashlight is the cheapest 1 watt blue laser, and BeamQ 1w blue laser for sale has very high quality.