1000mW 1W 445nm blue laser water-proof
1000mW 1W 445nm blue laser water-proof

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445nm 1000mw super strong focusable blue laser pointer flashlight

See the video about 1W blue lasers
1000mW blue lasers

445nm true blue 1W true blue laser pointer torch with focusable lens super strong.Moment of lighting a match,lit cigarette.
Actually made in Taiwan, military quality.
Buy now, presented a set of waterproof green laser flashlight.

•Color: Black
Dimensions: Φ30*150mm
Wavelength: 445nm
Wavelength LD: 445nm-455nm
Output Power: 1000mW (1W)
Project distance : >1000m 
Battery: 16340 x 2 (included)
Working Time: > 2hours
Carton packaging
Changeable focus (from 1cm to infinite distance)
•waterproof function
Class IV laser, focus-adjustable,charger and battery included.
This 1000mw / 1W 445nm true blue laser pointer has excellent burning function ( burns everything almost), and it is designed water proof and focusable!!! beautiful blue beam light and nice-looking shell!

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