Single mode fiber coupled laser diode 1550nm
Single mode fiber coupled laser diode 1550nm

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Single mode fiber coupled laser diode 1550nm

Single mode Fabry Perot (FP) laser.
CW or pulsed operation, 0.5ns rise time.
Low threshold current and high slope efficiency
Operating temperature range -40 oC to +50oC.
Wavelength/temperature coefficient 0.5nm/oC
Built-in monitor photodiode, thermo-electric cooler and thermistor.
Single mode fiber pigtail (Corning SMF-28, NA=0.14, MFD=8.2um).
Optional FC/PC or FC/APC connectors.

Optical power from pigtail:  Typical 10mw        Max 15mw         
Wavelength:  Min 1525nm      Max 1575nm  
Wavelength v/s temperature coefficient:  Typical 0.5nm/℃
Spectral linewidth (FWHM):  Typical 4.0nm    Max 6.0nm    
Forward current:  Typical 175mA    Max 260mA       
Threshold current:  Typical 40mA    Max 50mA      
Forward voltage:  Typical 1.7V    Max 2.2V        
Rise time in pulse mode:  Typical 0.5ns                
Monitor current@Vrpd=5V:  Min 0.07mA         
TEC current:  Max 0.5A        
Themistor resistance@25℃: Min 9.5KOhm   Typical 10.0KOhm  Max 10.5KOhm  
Storage temperature:  Min -40℃  Max 70℃
Operating case temperature:  Min 0 ℃  Max 60 ℃
PD reverse voltage:   Max 20V    
Lead soldering temperature:   Max 260 ℃

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