Single Frequency Single Longitudinal Mode SLM Laser 532nm
Single Frequency Single Longitudinal Mode SLM Laser 532nm

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The 532nm single frequency laser has narrow spectrum linewidth and long laser coherence length. All the specs can be customized. There are also other Single Longitudinal Mode laser, such as blue 457nm and 473nm,556nm and 561nm,671nm, 1064nm and 1342nm. They're the lasers emitting radiation in a single resonator mode.

Wavelength(nm): 532±0.1
Output power(mW):≦200.0
Power stability(RMS): ≦3% (25℃&4hours testing)
Transverse mode:  TEM00
longitudinal mode: Single-longitude
Spectral linewidth(nm): ≦0.0001
Operating mode: CWPW
M2  factor: ≦1.2
Beam divergence mrad: ≦1.5
Beam diameter at aperture(mm): ≦2.0
Light spot roundness:  ≧90%
Light spot stability(mrad): ≦0.05
Amplitude stability(RMS):  ≦1%
Polarization: Line polarization
Polarization ratio: ≧100:1
Operating voltage(V): DC12V
Average power dissipation(W): ≦45W
TTL modulation(Hz):  ≦1kHz(05VDC power level signal input)
Analog modulation(Hz): ≦1kHz(0~5VDC power level signal input)
Warming-up time(min): ≦10
Operating temperature(℃):-5℃~+45℃
Operating humidity(X%): 20~85%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature(℃):  -20℃~+60℃
Storage humidity(X%): 10~95%RH
Insulating property(MΩ): ≧100MΩ
Vibration resistance(GBT): 2423.43-2008/-15m/s2 5-200Hz
Shock resistanc(IEC):  60068-2-47:2005/-150 m/s2 11ms
Dielectric strength(V): ≧2000V
Expected lifetime(hour): ≧10000.0
Warrantyyear:1 .0(15 days after the date of delivery)

Single frequency laser is also named Single Longitudinal Mode Laser, with narrow spectrum linewidth and long laser coherence length.The single frequency laser is a single longitudinal mode operation. They are for industrial instrumentation applications in Raman spectrum scopy, holography, biomedical, fluorescence, reprographics, interferometry, semiconductor inspection and remote detection.

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