Sharp 650nm 120mW GH16P24A8C Red Laser Diode

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Sharp 650nm 120mW GH16P24A8C Red Laser Diode

Absolute power output: 120mW
Reverse voltage: 2V
Operating temperature: -10~ +70℃
Storage temperature: -40~ +85℃
Soldering temperature:350℃

Elector-optical Characteristics of laser diode:
Threshold current: 70mA
Operating current: 165mA
Operating: 3.2V
Half intensity Angle(Parallel): 8-11.5°
Half intensity Angle(Perpendicular): 13.5-19°
Beam Tilt Angle(Parallel): -3.0 - 3.0°
Beam Tilt Angle(Perpendicular):-3.0 - 3.0°
Ripple : -20 - 20%
Differential efficiency: 0.8mW/MA

The Sharp GH16P24A8C ( 120mW) has been terminated a year ago.We have the similar item GH16P32B8C ( 100mW)

Sharp GH16P32C8C is out of stock.

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