Sharp 405nm 500mw High Power Laser Diode

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Sharp 405nm 500mw High Power Laser Diode

405nm 500mW TO-56 PKG


1. High output power up to 500mW CW
2. Multimode
3. High reliability
4. Stable wavelength


1.Light source of SLA 3D printing
2.CTP Printing
3.Phosphor pumiping
4.Laser direct imaging
6.Gas/Partical detectors

Absolute maximum ratings (CW)

Light output power: 500mW
Reverse voltage: 2V
Case temperature: 0~4℃
Storage temperature:-40 ~ +85℃

Electrical and optical characteristics:

Peak wavelength: 400 ~ 413 nm
Threshold current: 160mA
Operating current: 500mA
Operating voltage: 5V
Beam Divergence: 10~ 18 Deg,37~44 Deg
Polarization angle: -5~+5 deg
Polarization ratio: 600

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