S11499IR-enhanced Si PIN photodiode

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Large area, enhanced near IR sensitivity, using a MEMS technology


HAMAMATSU has developed various types of Si detectors that offer enhanced near-infrared sensitivity due to a MEMS structure formed on the back side of the photodiode. The S11499 is a Si PIN photodiode with drastically improved sensitivity in the near infrared region at wavelengths longer than 900 nm. Compared to our conventional product, the S11499 has much higher sensitivity to YAG laser light (1.06 um). It also offers improved temperature characteristics of sensitivity at wavelengths longer than 950 nm.


- High sensitivity: 0.6 A/W (λ=1060 nm)
- High reliability: TO-5 metal package

Photosensitive area

φ3 mm

Number of elements




Package category




Reverse voltage (max.)

30 V

Spectral response range

360 to 1140 nm

Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.)

1000 nm

Photosensitivity (typ.)

0.6 A/W

Dark current (max.)

5000 pA

Cutoff frequency (typ.)

30 MHz

Terminal capacitance (typ.)

13 pF

Measurement condition

Ta=25 ℃, Typ., unless otherwise noted, 
Photosensitivity: λ=1060 nm, Dark current: VR=20 V, Cutoff frequency: VR=20 V, Terminal capacitance: VR=20 V, f=1 MHz

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