Non-lethal Weapons

PHaSR is a light-related weapon. It is a non-lethal laser gun designed for use by both the military and law enforcement. Taking the shape of an ordinary rifle, the PHaSR is a completely self-contained system that fires two non-lethal laser wavelengths into the eyes of the target.Their eyes become temporarily blinded and their bodies disabled.

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Arma 100 is a simple yet effective projectile launcher.
JPX Jet Protectors fire OC irritant at the attacker, quickly disabling them.
Tactical Pens  Based on self-defense sticks such as the Kubotan, tactical pens are generally fitted with a spiky metal or plastic tip, along with a blunt side on the other end. 
Sticky Foam Gun 
XM1063 is a non-lethal artillery shell designed to suppress enemy personnel.
PHaSR is a non-lethal laser gun designed for use by both the military and law enforcement. 
TOMA is an armored vehicle mounted with a high-powered water cannon.
Stingball Grenades 
Taser Shockwave
The Thunder Generator

Non-lethal weapons can provide operating forces with escalation-of-force options that can minimize casualties and collateral damage.

Non-lethal weapons are preferred for disbanding protests, but are not favored in war zones. Why do we shoot to kill, instead of aiming to disarm? Please read :  Shoot To Kill - The Paradox Of Non-Lethal Weapons

Non-Lethal Weapons News:

1. Colorado based firm attempting to develop non-lethal “bullets”

PHaSR vs BeamQ Dazzler

The PHaSR and BeamQ Dazzler are both used to make temporary blindness. However they're different. PHaSR is like a real weapon, BeamQ dazzler is a flashlight. PHaSR is much bigger than BeamQ dazzler. The BeamQ laser dazzler is a good choice as a Non-Lethal tool. However long time exposure to green laser dazzler, or it may cause damage to the retina, especially the high power laser dazzler.
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