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The MMGB18 TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensors are the world’s first TMR magnetic sensors for detecting magnetic properties on banknotes in financial anti-counterfeit appliances, including banknote counters and sorters, banknote validation, and magnetic card readers.
The damping decrement is 10-6.

CCD-based magnetic pattern recognition sensor array , comprising Hall sensors interfaced to a readout CCD, has been fabricated using CCD technology. The array is reminiscent of a linear photodiode CCD, with the exception that the photodiodes are replaced by buried-channel MOSFET magnetic pixels.

Ultra-high Sensitivity TMR Magnetic Sensors from MultiDimension, new TMR29xx series ultra-high sensitivity TMR  (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) linear magnetic field sensors, with 100mV/V/Oe sensitivity that sets the industry record. 

Magnetic Pattern Detection Device, A magnetic pattern detection device for use with a medium having at least one magnetic pattern of a plurality of types of magnetic patterns whose residual magnetic flux density and permeability are different on a basis of both of a level of residual magnetic flux density and a level of permeability may include a common sensor part structured to detect presence/absence of each of the plurality of types of magnetic patterns, and a signal processing section structured to extract a first signal corresponding to the level of the residual magnetic flux density and a second signal corresponding to the level of the permeability from a signal outputted from the sensor part.

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