Low Cost RF Series 355nm DPSS lasers

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RF Series 355nm lasers are low cost UV 355nm laser system. It's high quality with the price of 1/3 to the similar DPSS laser.


Wavelength:354.7 nm
Average Output Power:2.0~~10.0 W
Pulse Width:<16 ns
Pulse Repetition Rate:10-100 kHz
Spatial Mode:TEMoo
Beam Diameter:1.2+/-0.2 mm
Beam Full Divergence Angle:<3.0 mrad
Beam Circularity:>0.90
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability):<3 % 
Average Power Stability:<5 % 
Beam-Pointing Drift:<25 µrad/℃
Polarization Ratio):>100:1
Polarization Orientation:Horizontal
Operating Temp. & RH:10 to 35℃/ <80%
Storage Temp. & RH: -20 to 65℃/ <90%
Electricity Requirement:100-240 VAC
Power Consumption:<800 W
Warranty:12 Months


Laser wavelength 354.7nm. Repetition rates cover a wide rage (single pulse to 200kZH).
Short pulse width (<16ns@30k), small thermal effect on operation field.
Superior beam quality (M <1.2), absolutely assured in all repetition rates.
ORHAC (online refreshment for harmonic coupling) technology, long term power stability.
Unique Q-switching technology, adapts a variety of control requirements of laser applications.
Whole process intelligent digital power control technology, which can control lasers though RS232 external controller.
Industrial production process control technology, provides quality stable products.

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