Laser Safety Tips

  • Locate beam at waist level or below. Don't place beam at eye level.
  • Close and cover your eyes when stooping down around the beam ( where you will pass the beam at eye level).
  • When leaning over a table, beware of beam directed upward.
  • Enclose as much of the beam as possible.
  • Donít direct beam toward doors or windows.
  • Terminate beams or reflections with beam with fire-resistant beam stops. Anodized aluminum or aluminum painted black (which is not necessarily fire-resistant) can work well for this purpose.
  • Use surfaces that minimize specular reflections.
  • Locate controls so that the operator is not exposed to beam hazards.
  • Make sure warning/indicator lights can be seen through protective filters.
  • If you can see the beam through your laser eyewear, you are not fully protected.
  • View applications remotely.
  • Donít wear watches or reflective jewelry around Class 3B or 4 lasers.
  • Donít wear neckties around Class 4 open beam lasers.
  • In reality, all interlocks are defeatable.
  • The best defense is good understanding of the hazards.

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