Laser FAQ

1. Do you manufacture your own lasers or are they made in China?  Do you have the 200mW and 300mW green lasers in stock? What is the delivery time to ship to Buffalo, New York?

Some of them are made in China, and some in Taiwan.  Yes, lots of them in stock. One week for shipping. 

2. I'm interested in the 808 laser pointer and laser module.  Your website lists the beam diameters as "adjustable". What is the minimum beam diameter these products can output?  I need a beam diameter of 1-2mm.  Is this possible?

Yes, the beam diameters is adjustable, and the minimum beam diameter is 0.5mm.  

3. Where are you based? Also, do all of your lasers have IR filters when applicable? And, how do you establish your power output levels for your lasers? 

We are located in China and also have branch in Canada. some of our lasers pointer have IR filters . we use power meter to test power output levels.
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