Laser Amateur's Diary

The Laser Pointer isn't funny (amateur's diary)!

I was so sad this early morning and couldn't sleep any more. Because I bought a 532nm 50mw laser pointer, remodeled it to make power about 90mw. Last night, showed it to the best friend, but it didn't work. I checked it with the left eye,  toggled the button. It's less than 1m between my eyes and the pointer.  Suddenly I heard sth sizzled, the left eye was totally in darkness,some red and white points in darkness, irregular points... I went to bed in deep sollow.

This morning, the left eye couldn't see anything clearly. I went to hospital and took these photos. The laser pointer isn't funny, it's extremely dangerous. The laser pointer can hurt your eye,blind people easily.

laser pointer hurt eye

laser pointer hurt eye

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