IR & Green Femtosecond Lasers

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IR & Green Femtosecond Lasers

• Diode pumped solid state laser
• Yb:KYW thin disk based

• Industry proven reliability
• Easy system integration
• High quality and stability of optical parameters
• High repetition rates and pulse energies
• Optional AOM & SHG module for fast pulse switching and green generation

• Clean, cold* and precise processing of metals, polymers,tissue, glass, ceramics, CFRP,…
• Micro cutting, drilling, scribing, engraving, dicing
• Thin film structuring, laser deposition, laser-induced etching, inner marking of transparent materials
• Femtosecond spectroscopy, OPA, pumping
• Microsurgery
• Industries: medical devices, display, glass, automotive, LED, semiconductor, electronics, MEMS

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