High Power Collimated Isolator

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T1064nm High Power Collimated Free-space Beam Output Isolator

high islation&high power handling
High extinction ratio
Low insertion loss&high return loss

PM components,research,free space communications,fiber lasers
Product Characteristics

Central Wavelength(nm): 1064
Operating Wavelength Range(nm): ±10
Typ. Peak Isolation(dB): 35
Min. Isolation in Band (at 25℃)(dB): 30
Min. Transmission(%): 90
Nominal Output Beam Diameter(nm): 8±2
Max. Optical Power(CW)(W): 10;20 or Specify
Max. Peak  Power(KW): 10,20,100,200
Min. Return Loss(dB): 50
Fiber Type: LMA-GDF-10/125 , LMA-GDF-20/125, LMA-GDF-25/250;Si-08-10,Si-11-15,Si-12-20,Si-11-30 or Specify
Fiber Length(m): >3.0
Armoured Length(m): 2.5
Tensile Load(kg): 1
Operation Temperature(℃): 0 ~ +50
Storage Temperature Range(℃): -20 ~ +75

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