High Energy Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser IGP-2W-001

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High Energy Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser  IGP-2W-001
Q switched Nd:YAG Laser system including 2w,4w modules

Wavelength(nm): 1064/532/355
Energy(mj): 2.5j/1064
Pulse width (ns): 6
Frequency(Hz): 1-30
Transverse mode: Hat-top
Diameter(mm): ≈12mm
Divergence(mrad) (1/e2):  <0.5
Pointing stability (μrad): < 50
Beam roundness: 90%
Polarization ratio : 500:1
Cooling: water-cooling
Operation Temp(℃): 0-40
Warranty: one year

600*300*90(laser head)
488*440*400 (power supply)
800*800*1000 (chiller)

Weight: 180KG

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