FIR Far Infrared 1064nm Laser Module 500mW

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Far infrared IR 1064nm laser module with power supply.

Wavelength (nm) 1064
Power output (MW) 500
Spot mode TEM00
Working mode CW or Modulation
Power stability (over 4hours) < ▒ 3%
Warm up time (minutes) <5
Refrigeration TEC
Divergence angle (mrad) <1
Light beam diameter (mm) <1.2
Floor beams of light to light hole height (mm) 25
Polarization ratio >100:1
Optimum working temperature ℃ 10 íŠ ~35 íŠ
Power supply (I-type) or (digital adjustable)
C storage temperature 10 íŠ ~50 íŠ
Modulation mode TTL or Analog modulation (0~30khz)
Life (hours) 10000
Laser dimensions: 150*90*40mm (l * w * h)
Power supply dimensions (length * width * height) 110*58*31mm
Warranty 1 year

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