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Analog and digital CATV system
Optical communication systems
LANs and WANs

Mini size
High output and high gain
Low noise figure
Low power consumption

Parameter: Min. Typ. Max.
Operating wavelength: Min. 1530  Typ. 1550  Max.1565nm
Optical input power: Min. -3  Typ. 0  Max.10dBm
Optical output power: Min. 13    Max.18dBm
Noise figure:  Typ. 5 dB
PDG: Max. 0.5dB
Pump remnant to output: Max. -30dBm
Pump remnant to input: Max. -30dBm
Return loss: Min. 40dB
Power supply: Min. 4.75  Typ. 5  Max.5.25V(AC)
Current: Min.1  Typ.1.5A
Operating temperature: Min. -5  Max. 55℃
Storage temperature: Min. -20  Max. 70℃
Dimension L×W×H): 90×70×18 or 150×125×30mm

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