C-mount 1550 nm Laser Diode

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Laser Diode in C-mount Package 1550 nm . C-mount is an ideal component for quick prototyping and laboratory setups. However, the maximum output power is typically limited by the inherently sub-optimal heat dissipation properties of the C-mount itself.

Output power: 2.0 W
Operating Current:5.0-5.5 A
Operating Voltage: 1.5-1.8 V
Threshold Current: 0.5-0.6 A
Wavelength:1530-1570 nm
Spectral Width(FWHM):10.0 nm
Wavelength Temperature Coeff.:0.7 nm/░C
Slope Efficiency: min≥0.35 ámax≥0.4 W/A
Power Conversion Efficiency: ≥30 %
Parallel beam divergence: 8 Deg
Parpendicular beam divergence: 6.5-9.5 Deg
Maximum Reverse Voltage:Vre ≤2.5 V
Polarization: TE

Housing Dimension: See Drawing
Lead Soldering Temp: 260░C for <5 seconds

Operaating Temperature Range: 15-30 ░C
Operating Humidity: Non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range: ﹣20 to 80 ░C

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