870nm Laser Diode 5mw-300mw

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870nm Laser Diode 5mw-300mw

QL85D6SA is a MOCVD grown 870nm band AIGa As laser diode with quantum well structure.It's an attractive light source,with a typical output power of 5mW for industrial optical module and sensor applocations.


-Industrial Optical Module


-Visible Light Output: 870nm
-Optical Power Output: 5mW CW
-Package Type : TO-18(5.6mm)
-Built-in Photo Diode for Monitoring Laser Diode

* Center Wavelength: 870nm
* Output Power: 10mW
* Good beam quality
* Optical Communication
* Target Designator
* Free-space Optical Communication
* Night Vision

Optical Specification
CW Output Power Po 10 mW
Center Wavelength λc 87010 nm
Spectral Width Δλ ≤3.0 nm
Emitting Area 41 m
Wavelength Temperature Coefficient 0.3 nm/℃
Beam Divergence θ⊥θ∥  ≤4010 deg
Polarization TE 
Electrical Specification
Slope Efficiency Es ≥0.3 W/A
Threshold Current Ith ≤20 mA
Operating Current Io ≤45 mA
Operating Voltage Vf ≤2 V
Monitor Current ≥50 A
Series Resistance Rd ≤15 Ω
Package Style TO18 
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Reverse Voltage Vr 2.0 V
Operating Temperature To 10~30 
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~85 

1. High power laser diodes are high energy laser devices. It is harmful to human body and health. Never look directly into the laser output port.
2. High power laser diodes could operate in forward voltage. The reverse current and voltage should not be higher than 25A and 3V, respectively.
3. Heavy humidity can get dew on the LD then damage the LD.
4. The generated heat must be removed in time when the LD working.
5. The high temperature will effect the performance of the products. The lifetime can also be shortened by high temperature.
6. The operating current and optical power of laser must not be higher than the given rate current and power. The excessive current would accelerate aging and shorten lifetime, even damage the LD.
7. The semiconductor laser diode is a sensitive electronic device. Please observe precaution for handling electrostatitic sensitive devices.

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