635nm 1mW-20mW Single Mode Laser Diode Modules

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635nm 1mW-20mW single mode laser diode modules.

Single-mode beam, FC/ST/SMA 905 connector available,Pigtail output, 4um core fiber with N.A.0.11,

Reverse Voltage:2.0V
Operating Temperature:+10~+30C
Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +80C
Lead Soldering Temperature:260C
Peak Wavelength:6355nm
Output Power:1/2/10/20mW
Spectral Width:≤3nm
Temperature Coefficient of Wavelength:0.2nm / C
Threshold Current:<30mA
Operating Current:<50mA
Operating Voltage:2V
Fiber core Diameter:4μm
Fiber Numerical Aperture:0.11
Fiber Length:70cm
Connector Type:SMA905 / ST / FC

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