500mW Red Orange Laser Powerful Handheld Laser Pointers

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The most powerful handheld red/orange laser pointer. You will get 500mW-650mW output power. The charger and batteries include. Free shipping all over the world. The total cost is only $199. Don't miss it. 

Output power: 500mW-650mW
Wavelength: 638nm
Divergence: 1.5 mrad 
Beam size: 5mm
Operating Voltage:DC=3.7V
Starting Voltage:DC=2.7V   
Operating Current:<1200mA   
Class: IIIB 
Output Mode: Constant Wave 
Dot Size: <18*18mm (10M)
Warm time: <0.1 second
Operating temperature range:-10℃~+40℃
Storage temperature range:-10℃~+50℃
Batteries: 18650 X 1
Battery included, charger included.

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