405nm 55mW Nichia Violet Laser Diodes NDV1342-04

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405nm 55mW Nichia Violet Laser Diodes  NDV1342-04 

New nichia 405nm laser diodes made in Japan

Optical Output Power: 20mW
Can Type: Φ 3.8mm Floating Mounted
Peak Wavelength: 405nm
Working currency: < 100mA
Working Voltage: <5V
Packaged: 3.8mm
Lifetime: > 10000 hours

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Optical Output Power: 55mW
LD Reverse Voltage: 2V
Storage Temperature:  -40~85℃
Operating Case Temperature:  -10~80℃

Initial Electrical/Optical Characteristics:

Optical Output Power: 20mW
Peak Wavelength: 400~410nm
Threshold Current: 25mA
Operating Current: 25mA
Slope Efficiency: 0.9~1.8W/A
Operating Volatage: 5.0mA
FWHM Beam Divergence: 7~12 deg.
                                          15~23 deg.
Emission Point Accuracy: -2.0~2.0 deg.
                                         -2.5~2.5 deg.


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