405nm 250-400nm Blue Violet Semiconductor Laser
405nm 250-400nm Blue Violet Semiconductor Laser

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405nm 250-400nm Blue Violet Semiconductor Laser

Product Features:
Power stability, adjustable, easy to operate;
Imported LD, reliable performance, long service life;
Power comes with overheating, current limiting protection circuit, external high-speed modulation;
For fluorescence excitation, spectral analysis, cell detection, laser plate and so on.

Performance parameters:

Wavelength (nm) 405 5
Spectral Linewidth (nm) & lt; 3
Output Power (mW) 250-400
Operating Mode CW
Transverse Mode Near TE00
Beam Divergence (full angle, mrad) <1
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) to 1 x 4
Beam pointing stability (mrad) & lt; 0.05
Power Stability (RMS, over 4 hours) <1%, <3%
Aperture Position (mm) 20 23
Laser Head
Dimensions (L W H, mm) 102 x 35 x 35 140 x 49 x 42
Net Weight (kg) 0.3 0.5
Power Driver
Dimensions (L W H, mm) 150 x 110 x 56
Net Weight (kg) 0.6
Cooling System TEC
Power Supply 90 ~ 240VAC @ 50Hz
Modulating Repetition 50KHz TTL / 10KHz Analogue
Warm-up Time (minutes) <5
Operation Temperature ( C) 0 ~ 40
Expected Lifetime (h

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