355nm Laser Sellers

Cobolt Zouk 355nm laser is a continuous wave DPSS  laser. It is a single-frequency laser with high level of stability, ultra-low noise, very narrow spectral bandwidth and a perfect quality beam over a wide range of operation temperatures. They have these available wavelengths on the same platform: 355nm, 491nm, 532nm, 561nm, 660nm, 1064nm . Cobolt supplies DPSSLs  and Diode Laser Modules in the visible, invisible and near infrared spectral ranges. It's a lasr company from Sweden . They have sales offices in USA, Europe.

ALPHALAS GmbH is a German laser manufacturer. They are offering a wide range of products in the fields of lasers, optics and laser-related electronics. Advanced DPSS Lasers made in Germany, from UV to IR and from CW to fs:Modelocked DPSSL (100 fs - 100 ps),Q-Switched DPSSL. Nd:YAG 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm.

AMS Technologies has announced the PUFL UV fiber 355nm lasers. Combinating of a 1.0-µm fiber laser and a compact frequency converter, it keeps the converter at a constant temperature. Energy per pulse can reach up to 2 µJ with peak power at 2 kW and a 50-kHz pulse repetition frequency. The output beam is collimated and near-Gaussian, with M2<1.3. 
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