1480nm 5mw DFB InGaAsP Laser Diodes
1480nm 5mw DFB InGaAsP Laser Diodes

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1480nm 5mw InGaAsP DFB LASER DIODES ML925B16F

ML9XX11,ML9XX16 and ML9XX22 series are DFB laser diodes emitting light beam with emission wave length of 1470 ~ 1610nm.
They are well suited for light source in long distance digital transmission application of coarse WDM.
They are hermetically sealed devices with the photo diode for optical output monitoring. 

ML925B11F / ML925B16F / ML925B22F


Long - distance digital transmission system
Coarse WDM application


Low threshold current (typical 10mA)
Wide temperature range operation
High - side mode suppression ratio (typical 40dB)
High speed response (typical 0.2nsec)
MQW* active layer

FSBH** structure fabricated by MOCVD process
* Multiple Quantum Well
** Facet Selective - growth Buried Hetero structure

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